About Us

African Americans in the Northwest are being displaced at a high rate. In cities such as Portland, blacks make up 6% of the population. Oftentimes, neglected and misrepresented, their voices are not heard. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these truths became even more evident. Blacks and Hispanics were the most vulnerable communities during this worldwide crisis.

The Talented X arose from COVID-19 with one desire in mind, empower the black community. We are a team of African Americans and Allies, who decided to step up and help make empowerment a reality. Through education, wellness, and awareness programs, we want to help bridge black communities. Our hope is to have leaders throughout the cities and towns in the Pacific Northwest. Each leader will appoint 9 eligible black members to be a resource for their community.

Our leaders will have the tools and skills to help empower those around them. They will also provide a safety net for those who are in need. Our vision is to have leaders with expertise in law, medicine, and philosophy. These are areas where the black community are the most underserved and misrepresented. As we grow, our desire is to make a change in how the African American community in the Northwest sees itself. We hope that blacks will embody the very essence of black excellence.